Slimmer Bezels Than The Galaxy S8


Though the picture doesn’t show the whole device, it’s looking very sexy ala the Galaxy S8. Factor in the whopping 8GB of RAM and the 23-megapixel+12-megapixel dual camera set-up, this device is looking like an absolute monster… More at Forbes.

A phone needs more than just tiny bezels, but this does look nice.

4 thoughts on “Slimmer Bezels Than The Galaxy S8

  1. Sorry, I don’t get the edge to edge designs or the wraparound. Looks nice but as soon as you hold it, your hand is going to cover the edge part of the screen. Or maybe it’s just the way I hold my phone.

      • Maybe I hold my phone very tightly. I have a 6S. The fleshy part of my thumb hides about a millimeter on the left side and the tips of my fingers the same on the right. Now on a 6S, with an Apple case, it doesn’t matter. But if I had an edge to edge phone, with the appropriate case, it might. Granted, I’d probably adjust over time. So edge to edge would be okay, but not wraparound.

        • I think they have technology that ignores the thumb on the edge in normal use. A bit like the wrist ignoring on an iPad in some apps.

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