Apple shows off the Newton for the first time


Hailed by Apple CEO John Sculley as “nothing less than a revolution,” the Newton is Apple’s first major new product line since the Macintosh eight years earlier. During the demo, the press is shown how users will be able to perform tasks like ordering pizzas by moving around topping icons on a pie base, and then faxing the order straight from the device… More at Cult of Mac.

I owned one of these for 2 days and re-sold it very quickly. At the time I was using a Psion and there was no comparison to me.

Strange story, however, regarding how I ended up with it. I won mine on eBay without expecting to and was away from home at the time with my wife. The seller said he would post it to me and I then realised that he was in Bournemouth which I was visiting at the time. I emailed him and asked where he was and incredibly he was working that night in the building opposite the restaurant we were in.

I took the cash over and bought it there and then which sounds like fate apart from the fact that it was one of the worst PDAs I ever used- it was huge!

3 thoughts on “Apple shows off the Newton for the first time

  1. I still have a couple stashed away. They were quirky but powerful. They had some of the really fun animations and ideas that permeated Apple back then.

  2. We’ll get back there with iPhone8++ size 😀
    Newton probably set a lot of things I credit to Palm. But yeah, form factor is important.

  3. I remember buying a backpack with a large enough front pocket to accommodate the Newton MessagePad.

    Miss the Newton soup though and the animations (deleted items would disappear in a cloud of smoke).

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