iOS is the reason I use an iPhone and macOS is the reason I use an iMac


The 2017 update to the Razer Blade Stealth (to give the ultrabook its full name) offers consumers the seventh generation of Intel system on chip designs, bringing this machine smack up to date with others using Kaby Lake architecture. Razer has also taken the opportunity to offer more configuration options and it is possible to have up to 16GB of memory alongside 1 TB of SSD storage. The battery has increased by fifteen percent over the previous model to offer 53.6WH… More at Forbes.

It looks good, very good in fact, but for me the operating system is everything.

Then again, I was looking at MacBooks a few days ago and the price of them was way too high for me and I really did feel that the gap between Windows and Mac in terms of cost has reached a difficult level. And in a time when the gap in hardware capability is closer than ever before.

iOS is the reason I use an iPhone and macOS is the reason I use an iMac, but when I consider how people make new purchases, there has to come a point where the cost of Apple’s products is simply too high to be sustainable.

However, people have written that phrase for many years and still Apple sells expensive products in the million every single year.

If it just me or do you believe that a time will come soon when Apple needs to look at the prices it is charging, particularly in the Mac area, for its products?

3 thoughts on “iOS is the reason I use an iPhone and macOS is the reason I use an iMac

  1. I’ve never been owned an iPhone nor a Mac, simply because the upfront cost has been too high. But if I had the money in hand it would actually make more financial sense than it appears to at first sight: the re-sale value of Apply products is exceptional, such that when you cost the product over it’s life-cycle, the difference is significantly reduced.

    For example, a Macbook Air that cost you £999 3 years ago will still fetch around £450. A similarly spec’d Windows ultraportable laptop might have cost you £699 and be worth £250 today. Over the 3 years they have cost you, in monthly terms, £15 and £12 respectively. Factor in the reputation Apple has for customer service and it becomes a fairly easy decision (if you’ve got the cash to spend in the first place).

    Or something like that, perhaps.

  2. Keep in mind that one of the things you’re paying a premium for when you buy a Mac is MacOS and all its upgrades. I mean directly. Also indirectly since, strictly speaking, you can’t use MacOS without a Mac.

    Another way to look at it is how much stress should your operating system give you. I run vanilla Windows 10 under Bootcamp to play games and it still freezes from time to time. It’s much, much better than XP but it’s still Windows. And that said, I can run MacOS and Windows on the same machine, so it’s like having two computers in one. And both are quite powerful.

  3. For a certain percentage of things, the OS difference should matter less because so much is in Chrome. But then I guess you’re near “ok why not just a chromebook then” territory.

    I remember being bit by terrible PCs back when I was buying those, preloaded with all that crapware…

    Guess it’s kind of like w/ iOS vs when there was a bunch of android phones around… the number of things that can go wrong as you try to economize is pretty high, and if you pay enough to reduce that, you’re back in the price range of Apple’s stuff anyway, so you might as well go with the OS that feels good.

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