Children whose parents spend time on mobile devices…


The study involved 170 two-parent families with at least one child older than 1 (average, 3 years old). Most mothers and fathers were in their early 30s. Asked to assess how often phones, tablets, computers and other technology devices diverted their attention while they were spending time with their children, such as during meals, playtime or other activities (described as “technoference”), nearly half (48 percent) of the parents said this happened three or more times on a typical day. Twenty-four percent said it occurred twice a day, 17 percent said it happened once daily and 11 percent said it never happened. As technoference increased, so did children’s behavioral problems, such as whining, sulking, restlessness, temper tantrums and acting out. The children’s own use of devices (their screen time) also increased. The researchers wrote that “even low and seemingly normative amounts of technoference were associated with greater child behavior problems.” More at The Washington Post.

Fairly sure all of us parents have done this many times.

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