What can you buy in India for the price of an iPhone?

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India is the biggest market that Apple’s iPhone hasn’t fully cracked. In the first quarter, Apple only made about 3% of the smartphones sold in the country.

Still, it’s a huge market and investors think Apple could turn India into a nation of iPhone owners, at least among the country’s growing middle and upper classes, like it did with China over the past 10 years. But there are a lot of reasons why Apple might not be able to replicate its China story in India, Mizuho analysts wrote in a note distributed to clients on Monday… More at Business Insider.

Some figures stand out more than others, but 4 years of water and electric is huge. For me, 4 years of water and electric costs £10,600 which obviously makes the iPhone feel less expensive than it really is.

One thought on “What can you buy in India for the price of an iPhone?

  1. Of course the other weird thing is how monthly charges stack up – my GF and I pay over $2K/mo USD in rent, which is kind of a lot of but you know, life in Boston. Thinking of that as 1/4 of 100,00 dollars every year? Man.

    As humans we aren’t quite equipped to deal with how time slips by and gradual steady builds accumulate. I mean $800 is a huge hit for a phone – but if I think about it as $33 a month for a phone that lasts 2 years.. eh, not bad. More than a single streaming service.. (This is why phones used to be all subsidized on 2 year plans, where the one time hit was so much less, and why car leasing is so popular) And on the other hand, shelling out a buck a day feels like a grind too.

    But look at some of those numbers – I’m sure India has certain things cheaper (like the labor of other humans, I’m led to believe) and more expensive, but that says a 2 bedroom apartment rent is almost 50 times the cost of water and electricity! Kind of hard to really wrap your head around.

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