If you’re using an older iPhone or iPad and wondering why the Chess.com app isn’t working, it’s nothing to do with iOS 11: it’s because the total game counter has hit the magic number of 2,147,483,647 …

This is the maximum value for a 32-bit integer, so 32-bit devices can’t cope with the fact that the app now needs to display a higher number of games… More at 9To5Mac.

This is going to be a tough few months for older apps, but it is worth being aware of things like this so that you don’t panic too early.

One thought on “2,147,483,647

  1. It’s not just iOS apps. There was an article in AppleInsider (http://appleinsider.com/articles/17/06/13/high-sierra-leaves-microsoft-office-for-mac-2011-behind-2016-edition-needs-updating) about MS Office 2011 not playing nice with High Sierra. Mind you, the same article says that Office 2016 doesn’t work either. At least there should be an update to Office 2016. I don’t expect any for Office 2011, which is what I use when I need it. I wonder how many other apps are going to be like that.

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