2 thoughts on “A half-empty dog bowl

  1. We’ve recently added a kitten to the family… they’re OK, but the food sharing thing is going to have to be a long term project. But it does again make me wonder some people’s attitude towards dogs (and animals in general!) I used to find it kinda funny, in that funny special kinda way people like me do, how when kids in the park used to approach my lab to give him a good old cuddle, and you’d have their parents coming over all flustered like with “don’t touch that dirty dog!” and a minute later they would be like “Give Pablo, Perdo and Maria a kiss goodbye!” (I live in Spain) … even though they had snot dribbling from their noses down to their chin, a virtual hive of germs and viruses just waiting to be past over from on wee carbon based humanoid to the next… where as my dog had it’s own germs , but which he happily kept to share with his own bretheren.

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