The iPhone’s Original Design


“It was, ‘How can we make it a very small experience, so they still had to buy an iPod?’ Give them a taste of iTunes and basically turn it into an iPod Shuffle so that they’ll want to upgrade to an iPod. That was the initial strategy,” said Tony Fadell, an integral team member in creating both products. “It was, ‘Let’s not cannibalize the iPod because it’s going so well.’” More at Men’s Health.

It is hard to know how much of the upcoming book is true, but just maybe the jokey iPhone Steve Jobs showed just before the real one was launched was not so far from the truth after all.

2 thoughts on “The iPhone’s Original Design

  1. We forget how canonical that clicky wheel was! Brilliant piece of physical and virtual design, just felt and sounded and responded great…

  2. I reckon the clicky wheel will make a come back at some point, even if it’s in some kind of fun retro style product for the future “hipster” … but then again, I’m still waiting for the Psion series 5 keyboard to make a come back some day!!

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