Why do dogs and cats like head scratches?


Why do some cats and dogs practically melt with joy when they get a good head scratch?

The answer is different for Fluffy than it is for Fido, although they do share a few reasons for why they sink into complete bliss whenever their furry little heads are massaged… More at Live Science.

I love having my head scratched. Who doesn’t?

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  1. Not all our cats like having their head scratched. Another spot for cats is the back just in front of the tail. We have a number of cats who just love that. As for the head rub, there’s one cat who considers me his and he head rub me all the time.

    All of our dogs like head scratching, some more than others. One will come over and push his head under my hand. Hint hint.

    And in case you’re wondering. 4 dogs, 12 cats. Yes it’s a house with a big back yard, but only one of the cats goes outdoors.

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