Medium seems to continue to grow in popularity as a publishing platform, and as it does, I’m growing more and more frustrated by their on-screen “engagement” turds. Every Medium site displays an on-screen “sharing” bar that covers the actual content I want to read. This is particularly annoying on the phone, where screen real estate is most precious. Now on iOS they’ve added an “Open in App” button that literally makes the last 1-2 lines of content on screen unreadable. To me these things are as distracting as having someone wave their hand in front of my face while I try to read… More at DF.

I was trying to show my son a funny video the other night which was remarkably not on YouTube. I ended up jumping through a few sites I do not normally visit and almost every one has pop-ups, auto-play videos and all sorts of other crap that ruined the entire experience.

As someone who does not like ad-blockers because I believe they strangle those of us trying to do the right thing, I also wonder if they are what causes crap like this to occur. The overall friendliness of websites seems to only be going one way. Less friendly.

One thought on “Dickbars

  1. This is exactly why some of us use ad blockers. Unfortunately, it’s easier to exclude the well-behaved sites from the ad blocker than it is to include the annoying ones. I have no problem excluding sites that show they are well-behaved. Most of those ask that you remove the ad blocker. Interestingly I can’t recall any of the misbehaving sites asking.

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