Everything the iPhone replaced

I have written a few of these types of article over the years and suspect that the phone of today can replace hundreds of older products, maybe thousands.

4 thoughts on “Everything the iPhone replaced

  1. One of the first cellphones I carried (in the literal sense) was a friend’s Nokia in like 2000.
    Years later, like 2007, the company I was working for got bought by them.
    Can I say besides the vaunted durability and “snake”, I figured one of the big selling points must be people just being familiar to the weird quirks and special codes of keypad interface? The same stuff that made it nearly unusable in 2000…

    • And there are more now. “There’s an app for that” is true for enough things that not having an app for that is surprising. It’s similar to a company without a web site, these days they might as well not exist.

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