The Fitbit smart watch: how can it possibly compete?


The Fitbit Blaze is not a design classic in any way.

This health band maker, in a declining market, should’ve been a smartwatch maker by now.

Alas, sources have told Bloomberg that among the issues that have pushed a potential product launch from this spring to this fall is the lack of a finished app store and malaise among smartwatch app developers over this upcoming ecosystem… More at pocketnow.

I’m sorry, but how can Fitbit possibly make a smart watch that competes in terms of tracking, style and even the price of the Apple Watch?

Also, if one of the issues is an unfinished App Store that would suggest that the focus is all wrong. Apps on watches have failed to take off and surely the only way forward is to make the best tracker/watch product available that does things right and in style. Feels to me like Apple is way ahead already and that Fitbit is not the company to catch them up.

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