Your phone is a dæmon


The podcast above made me think a little.

In the film The Golden Compass, the characters have dæmons that are animals who are always with them. They share pain, emotions and everything else and must always be together and protect each other.

It made me realise that for many of us, the humble phone is a dæmon in that it is very rarely away from us. I take my phone to the toilet at work purely from a security point of view, but it does stay in the bathroom when I have a shower at home, either playing podcasts or music.

It also comes to lunch with me, navigates me in the car and accompanies me on every break. It is like Judy Murray watching Andy Murray- it is always there.

I see this in most people I know in that their phones are always with them.

So, how about you? Think about it, how often is your phone not with you during a normal day?

4 thoughts on “Your phone is a dæmon

  1. Yeah, in practice it’s a constant companion, as were the Palm devices before it.

    But it’s different, because it’s a portable channel to the outside world, from social media to more one on one forms of communication. So it’s less “the device’s” personality I’m dealing with directly than it was in the Palm- whatever character is there is overshadowed by the person or people I’m connecting to on the other end of the wire(less).

    Combined with how I was pretty content with the built-in apps on Palm and how the Palm’s Gameboy-esque (or later color, but with visible pixels) screen had a certain distinctiveness relative to today’s Retina-perfect glossy canvases – the older devices had more personality, there was more of a there, there – even physically, Apple, say, is driving to the most generic body possible, a tiny glass billboard, as a way of showing off their manufacturing skills, and most other companies follow that lead.

    So I guess it feels more like a valuable magic enchanted portal. Maybe a pocket Magic Mirror (and/or maybe its personality is pretending it has no personality so that it keeps me more firmly in its grip while I still think I’m the boss…)

  2. All my devices have been little extensions of my body/personallity I think. My first digital dairy was with me as much as my Psion was, my PDA’s and now my phone. In fact, I remember being at a street party with a mate, and we were talking to a friend of his we bumped into there, and I don’t know how it came up, but my mate said to his friend, “This guy carried his computer around!” and his mate started laughing as in “Yeah, right!” So my friend was like “Show him Vince, open up your satchel (man bag?)” And I shyly pulled out my netbook which was neatly tugged away in there oblivious to everyone, and he was like “See!!” My Yoga Book goes with me just about everywhere… but my phone my side, unless it’s charging somewhere around the house.

    • I know I feel like less of an elite now that I’m not That Guy carrying around a pocket camera while everyone else has crappy, pre-iPhone cellphone cameras with them at best.

      And back when laptops were more expensive, I’d carry a folding keyboard (simple clamshell) for the Palm… writing notes and even coding on that thing was fun.

  3. I had the fold out bluetooth keyboard for my various devices, and for my phone I have a Microsoft Wedge bluetooth keyboard which is nice to use. I even use it with my Yoga Book if I plan to do a lot of writing!

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