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I have been using my BeatsX for a few weeks now and can safely say that they have become my most used accessory. In my initial review I was impressed, but as time has passed that positivity has grown which is rarely the case in modern tech. It is too easy for the novelty to fade away and for products to either become invisible or less alluring, but in this case I am finding them more impressive every single day.

It is fortunate that I can use them at work when I really need to concentrate and this has offered the opportunity to really test out the audio quality and the battery life, which have both remained excellent in my opinion. The point has been reached where they sit around my neck for three quarters of every day and I often forget that they are there. However, when a call comes in or when I want to quickly listen to a video or something else, I just unclip them (magnetised) and pop one in my ear.

This alone makes them more practical than the AirPods for me and from an audio perspective, they most certainly sound better. They also do not look silly either which helps and the W1 chip means that connections are flawless.

They may be Beats, a brand I always avoided, but boy am I taken with them. One of the best products I have ever bought.

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  1. I’ll also vouch for a pair I’ve been using since February.

    Sounds wise, I’m told they’re not as bass crazy as most Beats gear, something Shaun probably finds a bit of a relief, but disappointed me a bit… still I’ve told the AirPods are weak in bass, so maybe these are a good medium, still a solid sound.

    For now I still like regular over the ear headphones for my day job, but there’s no real reason these couldn’t be my full-time solution. They’re great for mixed weather conditions, since unlike headphones they won’t interfere with a hat, and there’s no cord to go in or out of a coat. I guess AirPods are ok for this as well, but like Shaun says, just letting the things dangle around the neck is convenient, probably more so than digging out the box to put back your AirPods.

    They aren’t as Star Trek-y weird looking as AirPods, though I admit when in use, if you have glasses they look like you have a safety strap 😀 But then again, even regular wireless headphones look weird to me, like ear muffs, or “Lobot” from Empire Strikes Back, so maybe there’s no pleasing me.

  2. I love me a great pair of earphones. I got some Denon bluetooth headphones several years ago, but they never quite fitted, and I lost a lot of the sound, which wasn’t that full anyway for my liking. Not long ago I decided to get some memory foam buds, and now they’re much better… not great, but better.

  3. I finally bought some on your recommendation. I like them fairly well, but I sure hear a lot of handling noise as I move my head as the wires brush my collar. Also can hear my own breathing and chewing. I forgot how much of that you get with in-ear headphones with wires. I’ll adjust, but I think the AirPods may get more use since they travel better and are easier to charge with the dental-floss case. Just wish they didn’t always fall out of my right ear – left one’s fine.

  4. Yes, the sound quality varies with the fit and how far they’re in your ears.

  5. You don’t have to push them as far into your ears if you’re using the wings.

  6. Do you use the case much? I find that it kinks the wires quite a bit, so I think it will wear them out quickly. As small as they are I don’t think I would wear them under my shirt, and they dangle too much to keep them out all the time for a lot of things I do.

    As far as handling noise goes, I get used to it, but I sure do notice when I touch a cord while I’m wearing them. It’s a loud thud that kind of throws me for a second. It’s not as bad as tapping the end of the actual headset, but it’s still noticeable.

    • Never used the case, not once. They are either in my bag to take to work or around my neck. As it happens, I have had them around my neck all day today and not even noticed them most of the time. I don’t notice the thud thing as any worse than other headphones and hadn’t even considered that a problem. Then again, your hearing must be better than mine because you can sing (unbelievably well) and have an ear for music. I must be tone deaf:)

      • Ha! Might be slightly true. 😉

        Other in-ear headphones do the same thing, you’re right.

      • I feel like providing a case is somehow a baseline for most mid-tier headphones, but they’re hardly ever that useful… maybe more so if the thing gets damaged in transit the manufacturer can say “but you weren’t even using the case we provided!”

        • It seems like Apple usually makes a decent effort at making a useful case, but this one is difficult to pack without kinking the wires. Nothing wrecks wires worse than bending them too tightly.

          • Re: Apple’s Useful Case, you mean the white bottom, clear top thing? I always thought it was too difficult to get the damn mic bit to line up right so not worth it over all…

          • It IS difficult to get the phones wrapped up in it, but it’s sturdy and protects them once they’re in there.

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