Dash-Dash It All

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 20.40.12

I spotted this which led me to this.

Not only a discussion of what changes Apple might make, but also a discussion of where the various dash types are used and where they came from. And of course British and Canadian usage differ from U.S. usage. Bob

One thought on “Dash-Dash It All

  1. A lot of my life is balancing being an engineer with a visually-oriented designer – unfortunately one who is sensitive more to details of interaction, not details of how something looks once set down, I’m a little dense about that (not to mention faceblind, which I think is a bit related)

    Anyway, I’m not a big fan of any standard English that can’t be typed directly on a normal keyboard. I realize an extension of this belligerent attitude is why ASCII was such crap at foreign characters etc, but still… having to use “guess what I mean” interfaces for smart quotes and dashes etc doesn’t seem worth it. Inch marks are fine for quotes, for reals.

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