Elders React To Queen

The best band of all time? Yes, no need for the question mark.

8 thoughts on “Elders React To Queen

  1. Elders! ELDERS! I’m older than at least some of those people and I ain’t no elder. Senior maybe, but no elder. Queen formed in 1970. I was a year out of university.

  2. I suppose someone had to be.

    So do I call you youngster? Just don’t call me “sir” or “Mr. Deskin”. That’s my father! And he used the same line.

      1. Or “Oh wise one” when you’re addressing me directly. But only if you can do it without smirking.

      2. Not sure which is worse, elder with a straight face (it is straight isn’t it?) or “the wise one” with a smirk.

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