There are two types of people


There are two types of people (aren’t there always). Those who can focus and stay focused until something external interrupts them. And those who constantly wonder if something new has arrived that they should look at and therefore interrupt themselves. I can’t think of anything simple to help the latter. They need deprogramming. For the former, it’s a question of figuring out what the external interruptions are and turning them off.

In fact this got me thinking. It’s not necessary to turn off WiFi. I could turn on Do Not Disturb in the Notification Center on my Mac as well as my iPhone and iPad. If I go full screen, there also wouldn’t be any visible distractions on my Mac. Now, if I could only get the dogs to stop barking at anything that moves on the street.


I’m not sure people need deprogramming as such. I am a ‘something new’ person, but when we had no Wi-Fi on holiday I was fine with it within 24 hours. Amazing how quick people adapt to such things.

4 thoughts on “There are two types of people

  1. If I’m not doing anything in particular, I’m happy flitting from one thing to another, but once I have a task to complete, be it big or small I can’t stand interruptions, especially not by people, gadgets I can just ignore or silence.

    I can handle being away from the Internet, but I always have books, music and some films with me anyway, force of habit.

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