AirPods then and now


Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 21.08.40.png

And then there was one reaction that shot to the top of Reddit Friday afternoon, which has a very familiar face to us here at CNET. An image from it, which we had to censor, is below, but click here for the full Reddit thread… More at cnet.


AirPods are Apple’s first experiment in face wearables. Apple’s first wearable, the Apple Watch, has a stylish — even conservative — design. It looks fine, and you don’t feel out of place wearing it versus a Swatch or a Fitbit.

AirPods could be said to be Apple’s second wearable — and the first one intended for your face. They’re weird-looking. And yet, it doesn’t seem to matter. The experiment worked… More at cnet.

Thanks to Bob for the above articles. There is no doubt that the AirPods have been a success, but I still contend that the BeatsX option is a better one.

One thought on “AirPods then and now

  1. Man, everything wireless looks weird to me.
    AirPods look like Uhura’s earpiece.
    BeatsX look like people are using safety straps for their glasses.
    Even regular headphones look a bit like Lobot from Empire Strikes Back.
    Oh and then there are those weird “horns around the neck, little dinky wires up to the ears”

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