Not every Apple Watch owner is a triathlete


The Apple Watch is a capable fitness device which has been lauded by many for helping them move more and be more aware of they general activity levels.

I felt this way for some time, but then decided that I could live without it in preference to a real watch. A FitBit Charge 2 was slapped on the other wrist and things kind of changed for me which is evidenced by 30 lbs of weight loss in 12 weeks.

I am not for one minute suggesting that the FitBit is the reason I have lost the weight, but it has certainly helped keep me aware of the finite detail I need to ensure that I can keep on track. And this is where the FitBit app in particular leaps ahead of Apple’s offering.

The variety of tracking is impressive-


Heart rate


Weight loss (ideally using a set of Aria Wi-Fi scales)

Calories in and out (including the ability to log food using bar codes or by a simple search)

Water consumption


For those who want to lose weight this is a near perfect set of data that covers all of the important bases and I have used it extensively to track calories in and out, weight lose and in particular to check the trend through the graphs.

Now, you can do all of this on an iPhone with an Apple Watch, but you are using multiple apps and it does not all work in one place to help you organise your change of lifestyle.

I take full credit for the weight I have lost because it cannot be down to a gadget, but being able to visualise what is happening helps a great deal and I believe that Apple could be more ambitious with the Apple Watch so that everyone can benefit from it, not just those who are already fit and thin.

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