The Importance of the Photograph


My father passed away a month ago, and his birthday was on August 31st. I’m letting that sink in. Death is never easy and for those that have lost a parent, it has a certain significance. The person who has been there your entire life is now gone. There are things that I am now thinking about that hardly, if ever, crossed my mind. The biggest being that I am mortal and I too will meet the same fate some day, and the other, related to photography, is the importance of the photograph… More at PetaPixel.

I only started Lost In Mobile again as my father was dying exactly one year ago. He died soon after and the photos I have of him are incredibly important, and they always will be.

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  1. Curation is so important. This one paragraph is a bit weird, right?
    “In my opinion, history is being deleted by the terabyte. Hard drives are being smashed in landfills, with millions upon millions of images on them. […] So my goal is to start printing my favorite, and best, images.”

    Go from millions upon millions down to the favorite/best/printable set is a lot of work!

    One important thing to learn how to do is to let go of those images, and not be a packrat of this stuff. (But it’s true, like sometimes it is the image you wouldn’t have thought of is interesting. Or, I even have private keepsake boudoir shots of lovely, happy, naked people who have been in my life, and sometimes I’m more curious about just what was on my bookshelves back then than their naked loveliness)

    Anyway, yeah, I’m also keeping my eyes open for great software/printing ideas to make better keepsakes of my photos. It could be enormously time consuming though! (I’ve already done some of the hard work of curation, maybe, by picking out a dozen or so of the best for each year of my past two decades of digital photography – )

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