iPhone number 10


The iPhone has become an integral part of our lives, to the point that most of us do not even think about it as a special object anymore. We use it for everything from scouring the web to communicating with other to playing music and so I could go on.

It really didn’t matter what Apple announced tonight because it will sell by the million anyway and it has become a way of life for so many to purchase the latest iPhone the moment it is available. The problem for those who criticise the pricing and the so called Apple walled garden is that when you really think about how much you use your phone, it is likely better value than almost every other object you buy.

The iPhone has become necessary, it has become invisible and it is an icon that so many of us need to get through the day.

The same is true of Android phones of course for everyone else, but I am an iPhone user which I why I take an interest in the annual iPhone release, and of course the fact that the majority of my freelance writing work is based on Apple products.

This means that I will have to buy the latest iPhone which can put me in a position that is unusual. If I need it to write articles I know that I will make my money back, but it can also lead me to resent a product that is not as impressive as I wanted it to be. The question is if the 2017 iPhone is enough to suppress any potential resentment.

And then I realised that I was writing this to be published Tuesday morning when the announcement is in the evening. Doh!

So, I will write something for tomorrow instead. The question remains, however, will you likely be buying the new iPhone and why? And if not, why?

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  1. Shaun wrote “it is likely better value than almost every other object you buy.”

    So I thought about this and did some calculations. If I keep an iPhone for 2 years and it cost me $1000 Cdn, then that’s about $1.3 per day. It kept it simple and didn’t consider resale. Obviously the longer I keep it, the less the per day cost. If I buy a 65″ 4K TV for $1500 and keep it until the next “standard” comes out, say 5 years, that’s about $0.82 per day. However, most people probably use their phone more than their TV.

    Then, out of curiosity, I did a car. Say $30,000 and you keep it for 5 years. That’s about $16 per day!!! If you drive it into the ground, say over 10 years, that’s $8 per day not including operating costs and maintenance. And just to get ridiculous, if you bought a house for $400,000 and kept it for 40 years, that’s about $27 per day.

    Suddenly the iPhone is a bargain.

    As to Shaun’s question, will I be buying the new iPhone? Probably not. Since I’ve retired, I don’t use my phone as much and the 6S I have is perfectly adequate. I’m also coming to the end of my 2 year contract, so the phone is paid for and my monthly bill will be going down.

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