Apple’s Presentation

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Unfortunately for Apple, most of what was shown had been leaked or accurately rumoured. That seems to get worse as time goes on. Of course this time around, someone leaked the release version of iOS 11.

watchOS 4 has some nice features. I had read about the heart sensing technology. You heard that they were talking to the FDA in the States. The problem would be the same here in Canada. There’s a line over which approval is needed to qualify as a medical diagnostic apparatus. I would like to see it in general use. They’re allowed to handle heart rate recovery and calculate resting rate, and even warn you if there’s a spike, but they can’t tell you if your heart beat is irregular. I know that it’s supposedly for our own protection, but it’s frustrating. Likewise, some non-invasive way to monitor blood sugar is coming, just a matter of when. Unfortunately, I don’t expect the Heart Study to be available outside the U.S.

Apple Watch Series 3 was an incremental upgrade except for the built-in cellular. Now I expect to see watch apps take off. Not enough for me to upgrade yet.

Apple TV 4K was no surprise leaks notwithstanding. Another incremental upgrade. It is nice that they’re freely providing 4K content that you already own in HD.

iPhone 8 was another incremental upgrade although most of the neat stuff is on the Plus. Wireless charging is nice. The Belkin pad is $40 US ($50 Cdn) but cheaper options are available. Apple may have trouble selling theirs. Mind you, it boggles my mind to see the performance specs of the CPUs. 6 cores!!!!

Nice that they were able to get a meaningful “One more thing” in.

iPhone X is a nice evolution. I don’t consider it a revolution but it’s a lot more than an increment. I’m surprised that they talk about it as iPhone Ten. Must be the same as macOS X which is supposed to be called macOS Ten. I guess the other line has a maximum of 3 iterations left – iPhone 8S, iPhone 9, and iPhone 9S. Surely they wouldn’t have an iPhone 10 and an iPhone X.

I’m impressed by the screen size. It’s surprising how much space the bezel on the other iPhones used. The X is 0.2″ taller and 0.14” wider than the 7 or 6S, hardly enough to matter. Although they say it’s 5.8” diagonal, the aspect ratio is 2.16 rather than 1.78 on the other phones. That’s all the space saved by eliminating the home button as well as the top bezel.

I’m going to be very interested to see how well Face ID does in the real world. Of course you can probably just set the phone to use a password and just use Face ID for the important stuff Animoji.

The iPhone X starts at $999US. On the Canadian store, it’s listed as $1320Cdn. Pretty damned expensive. Even the iPhone 8 starts at $929Cdn. Don’t think I can justify either, although I wouldn’t bother upgrading my iPhone 6S to an 8. An X, maybe, but not at that price.

Re that closing quote, for people who don’t follow hockey, Wayne Gretzky was one of the greatest hockey players ever.


3 thoughts on “Apple’s Presentation

  1. What was the closing quote? The one about “skate to where the puck is going, not where it is?” (Gruber seems to have helped people know Jobs like that quote)

    The watch heart monitor thing reminds me of this quote from (PG13 link)

    For both my 2013 Macbook Air and my iPhone SE I’m trying to see how long I can ride a feeling of “it feels hip to get great use out of older stuff”, which I guessed is helped by how a new Macbook would force me to dongle land and the only real life improvement of a new phone being the incremental camera improvements. (At this point, I guess anything with optical image stabilization would be an improvement… but I miss those days where I was the only guy with a small digital camera on him all the time, made me feel quite the special snowflake.)

    Of course if Apple would offer Pencil support for anything smaller than a normal-sized iPad, I’d be all over that. But I’m not foolish enough to think a personal preference “WHY DONT YOU WANT MY MONEY, APPLE?” argument carries any weight.

  2. @Kirk Great quote. Thanks for my second LOL of the day.

    That was the closing quote. In hockey, it’s what they call hockey sense. Being able to instinctively know where the flow of the play is going. It’s like a chess master who can see many moves in advance. I’m sure there are equivalents in other team sports.

  3. No surprises having a nose at the store this morning. People are grabbing the watch but waiting for the X…

    1) Apple watch cellular seems to be on back order now (ie. unavailable for pickup, 2-3 weeks). At least on the few versions I looked at;
    2) iphone 8’s (except the plus 256 space grey) are all still available for delivery next friday.

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