You Can’t Protect Yourself


Even if you can protect your financial records, loss of your SSN and other personal information could expose nearly any kind of account you have, not just financial accounts!

Think of all the situations where something is “protected” with the last four digits of your SSN or a credit card. Breaches of a credit agency like this expose exactly the golden master key to recover or access more than a few of your accounts.

Once you’re exposed, you’re exposed for life, not just for the year of free credit monitoring. At least until the system changes… More at TidBITS.

It’s all so true. No matter how much effort you make to protect yourself, organisations still need your personal data for you to live and you cannot make them care as much about your data as you do.

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Protect Yourself

  1. I just did a credit freeze at all three credit bureaus. Unless I need a loan I plan to leave it there permanently. Now the only fear is someone stealing my identity or withdrawing my savings. Scary.

  2. Not at all surprised about this. I believe that personal information is like a secret. It’s only a secret until you tell someone, anyone. So if you have a credit or debit card, if you’ve ever taken out a mortgage or rented an apartment, bought a car, etc. etc. your information is out there or at least available to be hacked.

    What angers Canadians is that we have not been treated well by Equifax at all. We can’t tell if our information was hacked because Equifax Canada doesn’t have a convenient web site. And our regulations for such companies is province based rather than country wide.

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