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  1. Oof. Powerful stuff.

    Just to be clear, “This is a very personal…” is a quote, right? Or is there a connection with Jared Polin here I’m being dense about?

    • Also, the juxtaposition of some deep and profoundly sad emotion against the semi-technical details of the composition and goals, of making photographs deliberate… it’s a little jarring. It can almost seem a little tawdry, but sometimes making good worthy art – art that measures up to the magnitude of the occasion – can’t be left to happenstance.

      We all have cameras now, and many of us our becoming more fluent in a new visual language (usually pretty casual but with the right filter capable of moments of quick beauty). But maybe we should all take a bit more time to set up some shots of people we love, photos that will tell the story about this time and this place and this person.

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