Her is Here


Remember the 2013 science fiction movie Her where a man falls in love with his computer operating system? Even in 2013 it didn’t seem to farfetched considering all of the digital assistants available. With the new emphasis on consumer AI by Apple, Google, Microsoft, et al, it’s no longer fiction. link

And besides new AI companions, our entire lives are being computerized. Some of us grew up without computers. For the youngest computers are ubiquitous. And we’re not going back. We never have in the past, whether it was automobiles or televisions. It’s just the way it is. link

Thanks to Next Draft for the links.


One thought on “Her is Here

  1. I’m pretty skeptical that we’re seeing any system anywhere near having a legit “point of view”.

    It’s just good ol’ Eliza crosswired with some powerful machine learning type stuff. I don’t think there’s a theoretical reason why we can’t get to real AI someday, but I haven’t seen evidence that the structures we have now will be able to be parlayed into that.

    (I was going to mention how grimly amusing it is when alt-right trolls teach these systems to be racist, or at least echo back racist sentiments. But then again, I guess humans are susceptible to the same methods of corruption.)

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