Is Apple perfect? Not by a long shot.

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It just works. As Apple users, we get so used to that saying that when something doesn’t work, we’re shocked, annoyed, pissed, etc. because our world has been shaken.

I use Windows 10 in Bootcamp to play games that I can’t get under MacOS. I usually boot into Windows a couple of times a day. At least 2 or 3 times a week, it freezes. Not when it’s booting, but when it’s loading startup applications or the first application I start. I have to reach around the back of my iMac and press the power button to power off and then again to restart. I’m annoyed when this happens, but I know that it happens and after all, it’s Windows. If that was my Mac, I’d be tearing my hair out, and likely reinstalling everything.

Generally, Apple is very smart regarding feature management. I learned a long time ago when I was in software development, that it’s very difficult to take something away once given, so you’d better make sure it’s right. Apple does a pretty good job of making sure it’s right. Many of the little advances in iOS that people say should have been there from the start, were added once they were sure it was what they wanted.

Is Apple perfect? Not by a long shot. But then few, if any, things are. And they’re better at what they do than anyone else. At least in my opinion and experience.


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  1. Erm, what are you doing with your Windows set up? It shouldn’t freeze ever. Sure programs can crash and you might even get the odd screen of death if a driver is corrupt but it shouldn’t freeze and certainly not several times a week.

    I’d spend less time praising Apple and more time trying to figure what’s actually wrong with your windows set up.

    For the record I’m OS neutral, I work on OS X and have Windows 10 at home. Both are generally rock solid although neither is unbreakable.

  2. I’ve spent lots of time installing and using Windows so I’m not a novice. I installed Windows 8.1 in my Bootcamp partition and then upgraded to Windows 10. I know that it should never freeze, but it does. There’s nothing special about the setup that I know of. I know that it’s most sensitive at boot time. In other words, it’s more prone to a freeze if I boot and do anything before it’s completely finished the boot process.

  3. To be fair Windows deals with a lot more configuration weirdness than Mac generally has to.

    I know some of my love of MacOS is just that it feels good to have a consumer-oriented, glossy front end (i.e. a bit slicker than Linux) with the Unix-y guts – ducking over to Terminal is kind of a pleasure.

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