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But it’s worth noting that it’s just as instructive to compare the iPhones 8 to the iPhone X as it is to compare them to the iPhones 7. The iPhone X certainly has much to offer: the edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED display, the form factor that’s easier to hold and pocket than the Plus, the front-facing sensor array for Face ID and depth mapping with the front-facing camera, and an even better camera system on the back (with optical image stabilization for both lenses — the iPhone 8 Plus only has OIS for the wide angle lens). But the A11 chip (including the improved image processing that I described above), inductive charging, True Tone — all of these things in the iPhone X are also in both iPhone 8 models… More at DF.

There are certain websites and publications that get an Apple product to review when applicable. The reviews are all published to a specific timeline, they are always considered and at times appear to be leaning on the positive with only a nod to criticism thrown in to offer a sense of balance.

Far be it from me to suggest that the entire setup has become so pointless that to even read the reviews would be to buy in to the ‘club’, but seriously it is getting worse each year.

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  1. But in your other articles you note how adequate all phones are these days… in some ways excessive negative reviews would feel like clickbait Hot Takes.

    I’m partisan, sure, but DF feels reasonably even handed. He thinks the red dot on new Apple Watch is dumb, that the “notch” is a necessary evil and it’s both weird but maybe commendable that the demo almost overemphasized it when playing video, and that the hands on area for the new Steve Jobs theater is laughably bad.

    It was interesting that DF was on the short list when Apple needed to do spin control on the failed face unlock part of the demo… Gruber made a special brief episode with an Apple Senior VP Craig Federighi, definitely insider club time serving both of their interests.

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