The truth about whether Apple really does slow down old phones

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 21.46.26.png

The truth is far more complicated, and doesn’t involved Apple slowing down phones to try and make you buy new ones. The reason people think so is probably the result of a number of things: the fact that Apple releases new software that could run worse on older handsets; developers who make new apps for the faster phones, which might have trouble running on slower ones; and the combination of marketing and desire for the new phone that makes you feel a little worse about your old one… More at The Independent.

Just in case you believed the myth.

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  1. “That seems to be born out by the fact that there is no similar phenomenon present with Android phones. That’s not because Google are more benevolent, but because it sends out its operating systems updates at different times and to a whole range of different phones ”

    More like, because so few manufacturers get the updates shipped out in a timely manner?

    Apple’s support for older devices w/ more recent OS is pretty amazing, the recent “ok time to ditch 32 bits” not withstanding.

  2. Do people not understand that when you add features or add functionality to existing features, you usually need more processing power to get the same performance. Simple, you want the same performance, don’t upgrade.

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