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We want every person around the world to easily express themselves on Twitter, so we’re doing something new: we’re going to try out a longer limit, 280 characters, in languages impacted by cramming (which is all except Japanese, Chinese, and Korean)… More here.

I’m in two minds here and only time will tell. It may work a lot better or it may ruin Twitter as we know it.

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3 replies

  1. 140 was always a bit draconian. I was irritated at how I’d have to cut down and rejigger even a single sentence/thought sometimes.

  2. A couple of thoughts from a non-Twiter user:

    If you can always tweet another, what’s the big deal? This isn’t texting. It’s supposed to be a thought, isn’t it?

    The smaller Trump’s tweets are, the better.

  3. Just noticed, I didn’t even spell Twitter right.

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