I can wear an Apple Watch… for about 5 minutes


I keep putting my Apple Watch back on my wrist for various freelance projects and am trying to live with it for longer than a few minutes, but I am failing every time.

It is obviously an impressive piece of kit and it does so much more than my Oris watch, but I simply cannot stand to have it as my main watch.

You see, for many men a watch is the only jewellery they wear besides a wedding ring and because of that the importance of the object grows outside of what it reasonably should be. It becomes something that is there all of the time and that is a statement to some, a statement that cannot be made with clothes or a new haircut.

I realise that I am sounding slightly over the top regarding the importance of a simple watch, but when you are so used to wearing a relatively heavy hunk of metal that you really do enjoy glancing at throughout the day an Apple Watch does feel somewhat plasticky and cheap.

Call me a snob all you like, but I look at some of the smart watches from the likes of Fossil and can see that style is possible so why is Apple sticking with what is a tech-focussed bland design instead of a more fashionable look? You wear a watch which makes it different to a phone in the most crucial of ways and I would love to see Apple realise that one day.

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3 replies

  1. You should make a dumbwatch emulator: a block of metal to be worn on the wrist, next to a smartwatch, for those who want an unnecessarily chunky feel over function.

  2. Isn’t being jewelry a valid function? I would think so.

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