Is Apple bad at design?

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.17.16.png

Since that release, the company has strayed further and further from a clear sense of purpose in its design, and drifted into a kind of mid-life malaise in which nothing seems to feel, work, or look quite the way it should. The grand gestures — the “one more things” — are still there, but Apple’s foundation — the lust-worthy design, the cohesion, the “it just works”-ness of it all — seems to be ebbing away with each new product… More here.

There are some valid points in the above article, but overall I find it to be a needlessly negative piece filled with clickbait points that ignore the bigger picture. Yes, there are elements where Apple’s design can be questioned, but there is also the fact that with moving forward comes compromise in terms of functionality. Also, in the bigger picture who would really say that the iPhone, iPad and MacBooks are badly designed. I mean, come on. Thanks to Bob for the link.

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  1. “Once upon a time, Apple could do little wrong.” I wonder when that was? Having just read about the design and launch of the Mac – not enough memory, no cursor keys, etc – it wasn’t then. Or how about the Lisa, or Apple III? Or diluting the brand with clones? Or the “egg freckles” Newton? Or the puck mouse? Or the cube Mac? Or the firewire only iPod? Or the Motorola ROKR? How about the amazing iPhone, with no 3G and no apps – hell not even copy and paste? Or how Steve Jobs was sure innovating, look at the iPad- certainly an oversized iPhone was like a herald from the future…

    And all that whining about the notch. Look, until they can build a screen magically transparent to cameras and sensors from the back, it’s either going to be a notch, a line making the screen smaller, or some kind of ridiculous periscope. Here they reclaim some of the space.

    Design is about the juggling of various often competing constraints. Some of the constraints I might wish they weren’t so beholden to, like the need for the thinner thinner phone. Other ones seem frustrating too, like to compete in the marketplace they need visual hooks and changes for their own sake. Or the constraints of history, like the iTunes mess – I mean I’m afraid of them listening to much like blowhards like this guy, because I’m certain whatever replaced itunes would lack flexibilities that the crusty legacy stuff enjoys.

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