Feeling down? Don’t go to Facebook

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I was speaking to someone this week about Facebook and she mentioned that she has stopped using it completely. She explained that every time she visited she ended up coming away from it feeling down and generally annoyed at people she knew who were posting new updates.

She felt that the element of ‘showing off’ was overriding; people displaying their perfect lives to everyone and generally portraying a life that was not real at all. People boasting about accomplishments, posting photo after photo of a meaningless minor trip and effectively being someone they were not.

I see the same on Facebook and know a couple of people whose lives are very different to the wonderful personas they are posting online. One person in particular endlessly talks about how great their relationship is when in fact it is completely the opposite- feels like overcompensating and hiding reality to me.

However, perhaps this is just the way the world is for some people. They buy the best car they can, the best clothes, act a certain way at work or when at a social event and what is at home is completely different. It is human nature to hide one’s personal life to an extent and to portray what you feel is an acceptable face, but with Facebook it feels as though that is magnified to an extent that the sheer obviousness of the lies are not considered by the individuals advertising their perfect lives.

I haven’t bothered with Facebook for some time because it feels split from reality and I have an aversion to fake and falseness which Facebook seems to breed. Or just maybe it brings out what some people truly are? Fake and false.

And don’t get me started on the adverts which are tracking you to oblivion and at times selling very dodgy goods.

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  1. There’s lots of interesting literature on this. For example, Sherry Turkle’s “Alone Together”.

  2. Keep in mind that our perceptions are our reality. Certainly some people effectively act out on Facebook, but others may be reporting exactly what they see, even though others see things as quite different.

  3. Ah maybe that’s why people think I’m unhappy when I post i’m doing well. My facebook is reality, no overhyping. I guess it does seem less perfect than others 🙂

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