You don’t get this kind of support anywhere else

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I have written about Apple’s support prowess in the past a few times, but still it impresses me in a way that no other company seems capable of.

For the past couple of months I have been suffering from some big Notes problems where the app is unresponsive upon opening, it can freeze randomly and the notes are not syncing correctly between devices. So, myself and Apple have tried a few things-

Disabling Notes on all devices and re-enabling the facility.

Deleting every single note and only add new ones by copying plain text.

Various other troubleshooting techniques which altogether have added up to over 2 hours of my time.

This may seem extreme and frustrating, and theoretically it is, but the way it has been handled has ensured my persistence. Add to this that I trust Apple with my locked notes more than any other app and the features of Apple Notes and I am not of a mind to try anything else.

It transpires that there are more than 3,000 notes still stuck at Apple’s end which I deleted and then removed from the Recently Deleted folder so that may be the problem. It could be a corrupted note, the sheer volume or an iCloud issue that is causing it (Notes runs perfectly when iPhone or iPad in Airplane Mode).

Anyway, Apple will be calling me back Thursday after the 3rd level support team has looked at the problem and I have the email and phone number of the rep who is now owning the case.

Now consider this. Apple Notes is just one (free) app installed on my iPhone, iPad and Mac, but I could just own an iPod touch and the service would be the same. The amount of time and effort put in why the reps here is impressive and when I compare this level of service to what I could expect if say, for example, my Samsung phone simply stopped work I remain even more positive about the backup available.

Yes, I probably pay for this support through the higher prices of the products, but these devices and apps are important to what I need to do and the peace of mind of knowing that Apple will actually help is immensely reassuring.

Do you know of any other company that offers this level of support for products that cost less than £1,000? I don’t.

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  1. Support is something we rarely consider when making a purchase because we assume nothing will go wrong, otherwise why are we buying it. But when it’s needed, good support is a blessing and makes the purchase all the more worthwhile. That’s also how to retain customer loyalty.

  2. Yeah, this and the stores (err, “town squares”, barf) are real differentiators for Apple, and a big justification for the Apple Tax for me I think. Or it helps- partially I’m just lazy about shifting devices.


  1. Apple support just gave up – Lost In Mobile

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