The Pretty Reckless


Apple Music has become quite the eye-opener for me and I have discovered some decent music in recent weeks and so artists as well. None, however, compare to The Pretty Reckless who have made 3 albums to date and whose music has grabbed me as many of the best from my past did.

While at work I happened to hear the song below through Apple Music, a radio station I think, and I was hooked from the first second and even more so at 57 seconds. And so the song continued and so I become hooked.

The off thing with a streaming service is that in an instant I had access to the complete catalogue and could dive in to the works of this band to see if they were a one song pony. They have turned out to be far from that.

I can hear Queen, No Doubt, 4 Non Blondes, Poison and so many other influences here, but done in a way that is still original and above all, very well crafted. I should say that they are probably huge and I have just lost touch with reality due to my age…

I have been on the fence about music streaming services for some time and despite finding a new artist that I truly appreciate, I do wonder if me listening to these tracks many times over actually gives them any tangible reward for their craft. I suspect not.

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  1. Side note: it’s an underappreciated wonder of the Internet age how youtube has kind of become a universal library for music. Napster sort of introduced the concept, then it went away, but now it’s rare when you can’t find a track and share it as a link or embed to boot. Yes, the ads can be taxing (or rather they are the tax) but in general it’s great. I even know one service, , that seems to have outlived the previous cat-and-mouse shutdowns of other services by Youtube and lets me get an mp3 of any content. (After I make a legitimate effort to find a way of buying it, though – that’s my personal guideline)

    Anyway, my tolerance for songs I’m meh about is low enough that the robot DJ playlists / recommendations still ain’t it for me, but it’s good whenever someone finds a new way of finding new stuff that really works for them.

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