One person’s history of Twitter


This was my first look at Twitter, or twttr, as it was annoyingly called then. I was right about the logo and wrong about the service. It wasn’t stupid, it was just hard to explain. So Noah showed it to me, and I still thought it was stupid. I’ll admit that it took me a while to get it. I didn’t care what people were having for lunch. I didn’t care where people were at. (Remember, this was also the golden age of check-in services, where people made sure all their friends knew where they were at all times lest they subject themselves to a moment of introspection.) Nevertheless, I signed up anyway, tweeted a few times, and was fairly close to deleting it a few times as well. Until one morning, I was in a cab headed to therapy, which meant I was in a mood and I absent-mindedly tweeted out “I’ve been shot!” then turned my phone off and went to talk to my therapist about becoming a well-adjusted human being… More at Medium.

A good read.

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