Saw my heart rate go up, ended up being a pulmonary embolism


James Green, a podcast and reporter, from Brooklyn, New York, tweeted: “Never thought a stupid lil wrist computer I bought two years ago would save my life.

“Saw my heart rate go up, ended up being a pulmonary embolism.”

The 28-year-old says he owes his life to the HeartWatch app, which monitors a person’s heart rate constantly throughout the day and notifies them when it goes above or below a certain threshold… More at The Telegraph.

One day they will be sophisticated enough to make them a must purchase device. How much is your life, and the peace of mind, worth?

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  1. FWIW, for me the price is less the cash and more “having something on my wrist all the time” (which I could get used to, like i get used to having to head back to socks and shoes vs sandals), yet another recharge cycle to attend to, etc

  2. That’s it Kirk. Toughen up for winter.

    I have the same problem though. I only wear my watch when I go out, and since I’m retired, that’s only a couple of times a week. My other concern is that the closer these devices get to being similar to medical devices, the more regulated they become.

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