Who do you trust?


Really not sure I trust Carphone Warehouse to deliver even though on the order it said the following which looked good, but the ‘from’ word is strangely placed-


And then it said this-


To me, there is a sense that the words are designed to mislead and remarkably they still had delivery of ‘3rd November’ at the end of Friday even though Apple is quoting 5-6 weeks.

I do trust Apple not to deliver on 3rd November-

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 21.05.05.png

Categories: iPhone

3 replies

  1. More of an issue – you order a £1,000 plus device and they can’t even get your name on the order? 😳 “Hi Customer”?

  2. Mine is delivery 2-3 weeks or pickup Nov 3. I can’t make it to the store that day, so I chose delivery.

  3. I’m picking up on 3rd hopefully. And can’t believe the prices already appearing on e-bay. Deep soul searching to do over the next week 🙂

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