The iPhone X Takes Hand Gestures Too Far

Among its new gestures: You now need to swipe upward to get back to the home screen. You swipe downward from the upper-right corner to access Control Center. For Siri, you press and hold the phone’s side button. For the app switcher, you swipe up from the bottom and hold. And to turn off the iPhone X, you’ve got to press and hold the side button and the volume button simultaneously. (At least there’s still a volume button.) More at Slate.

I’ve never been a fan of gesture interfaces, and life with an iPhone X requires a whole new slew of them. (Conversely, I’ve always been a big fan of the home button; an easy to access “lets take it from the top” escape hatch can be enormously centering, like how when I click on a website’s name in their header on any page I go to the site homepage.)

That’s one of the problems with the designer’s dream of being such world-beater designers they they can stop having to actually, you know, design- having achieved the zen of “a piece of featureless glass”… the phone then just consists of an OS and apps – but having to designate certain finger moves as “ok, now you’re communicating with the OS” makes a less known reliable channel, and one prone to accidental invocations, and takes away from the language of gestures that apps are allowed to use.


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