The Great Poop Emoji Feud


It’s been a trying year for the world’s most visible institutions. Congressional gridlock, partisan divide, and federal indictments torment Washington. Silicon Valley’s biggest companies are under scrutiny — and even headed to Capitol Hill — for their role in foreign interference during the 2016 election. And meanwhile, over at the Unicode Consortium, there is a contentious debate over a scowling pile of shit… More here.

Amazing that these educated, presumably intelligent people can spend so much energy over poop. Mind you, it bugs me that the Apple version of Pile of Poop has eyes and a smile. Doesn’t a pile of poop say enough without embellishment?


Categories: Apple

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  1. I’m not sure which side I’m on in the debate, but I do see the argument that the smiling poop is kind of mixed message in a way frowny poop would not be.

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