When you read this…

Remember when the braying jackasses all harmonized in unison that Apple couldn’t introduce new product categories and was growing dangerously dependent upon just one product, the iPhone? That belief also supposed the Apple Watch had lto fail. Just look! There were so many other cheaper watch options from all of the Android vendors and beyond! More here.

When you read this, you can understand why Apple can charge that much more for the iPhone X and apparently sell as many as they can produce.


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  1. * Not sure I buy the Apple Watch as such an inspiration. OLED, nothing-but-screen, water resistance, have all been either obvious directions or generally making the rounds
    * not sure about “force touch” initiating there, but does anyone else think it’s either the most overrated or underused features? I would hate to think that backwards compatibility support for it is stopping other screen innovation, because I can’t think of much it can do that a “long touch” couldn’t (in general I’m suspicious of any gesture-type thing that is so dependent on subtle variations like ‘amount of pressue’)
    * I think the “cellular independent from your phone” Apple Watch is the most-underappreciated part of the recent product launch, totally living in the shadow of “the notch” and face ID – but it’s amazing, right? Like FINALLY Dick Tracy amazing stuff that geeks have doodle on notebooks for decades.

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