72 hours with the iPhone X

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Well it has been quite a ride so far and I find myself internally echoing a lot of what I have read online about the iPhone X so far.

The screen, speed and form are unquestionably great so there is not much point writing about them again. The notch, however, seems to have disappeared in my consciousness and is only noticeable when using an app that does not support it properly. Kindle and Instapaper, at this time, are culprits, but for everything else I do it seems to have drifted away into ‘too familiar to notice’ territory.

The home button is a memory that feels way longer than 3 days ago because swiping from the bottom is done without even thinking about it, already. Face ID still hasn’t failed me once and is perhaps the most impressive of all implementations in the iPhone X.

To sum up the positives, the iPhone X feels incredibly familiar already. It feels as if it has been with me for months and there are 2 reasons for this-

1/ iOS is so embedded in my daily usage that it is easy to carry on using it as I always have.

2/ This is the most impressive part. The removal of the home button, Face ID and the other changes have been implemented so wonderfully that they are familiar in a relative instant. I hear people moan about the fact that some Android phones already have face recognition and a lack of bezels, but it’s not what. It is how.

The implementation is brilliant, it really is, and Apple should be applauded for the way the new features work. They are above and beyond anything I could have expected.

The iPhone X is a BRILLIANT smartphone, the best I have used by far. There are, however, a few minor quibbles that would be nice to see resolved-

Let us use the Control Centre from the bottom of the screen.

Let us see the battery percentage all of the time.

Use the wasted space below the keyboard for commonly used emojis etc.

Allow third party developers to change the colour of the virtual home button bar at the bottom. It can be jarring in book-style apps and at times stands out like a sore thumb.

I think that’s about it. Seriously impressive positives vs mildly irritating negatives still makes for a stunning phone, albeit an expensive one.

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  1. Sounds like Apple still knows how to make existing technology just work. Whether that’s innovative, I’ll leave to the semanticists.

    I see what you mean about the keyboard. Mind you I’m surprised they implemented a row of number keys or at least put the numbers on the top row of letters like the iPad. There’s room and it would quiet one of the oldest complaints. I’m still amazed that it took this long for the iPad.

    • The iPad reference reminds me how frustrating “oh this iOS feature should be for certain device form factors only”, and with a lot of inconsistency about what deserves to be an option in Settings and what’s just left behind (I guess for clutter reasons – but it doesn’t help that the “search in settings” feature is about 3/4 useless)

      1. I like reachability and missed it when I was using an SE for a bit (even though my hands aren’t especially small)
      2. I love the “split keyboard” for iPad and would use it were it available on my XL iPad Pro (even though my hands aren’t especially large, but can support the thing in that grip without too much hassle)

      It’s the latter one that really rankles, tbh. Such an arbitrary, clearly no technical reason “oh but then you’d be holding it wrong” way of thinking.

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