2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up

  1. Interesting. I thought one of the rules of advertising was to never mention your competitor’s products. After all, that means the customer might do their own comparison and you come up short. I know it was supposed to highlight weaknesses but I wonder how well that worked.

    The guy with the hair was a great shot though.

  2. Yeah, a deep nostalgia play for Apple, combined with showing problems back then that now Apple has fixed? I’m not sure what Android-y solution solved the 2010 “memory full” issue but now there’s plenty of cloud crap… post-2013 Apple has a big phone… post 2016 Apple iPhones are waterproof… yes in 2017 if you need to charge AND haven’t gone for wireless you might be in dongle land, and there’s wireless charging… so all we’ll left with is that “the notch is goofy” and “no stylus”.

    (Sure, Samsung was ahead on those things, but now is undoubtedly a bit behind in biometric unlocking.)

    For me stylus IS annoying, because of my pseudo-artistic ambitions, but I still the primary interaction with my phone will be fingers.

    Good music though.

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