The Jolt


The Jolt ebike, created by a guy named John Madden, is selling now at an early bird price of $499. That’s a quarter of the final price and a great deal on an ebike.

The bike is about the same size as your standard aluminum folding bike but it includes a large LG battery built into the frame. You can use the bike in pedal assist mode for a 50 mile range and it has a 30 mile range if you don’t want to pedal at all… More at TechCrunch.

I like the design. Kind of BMX vs old lady bicycle.

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  1. Not so much “selling” as “crowdfunding”. There’s no guarantee, as I understand it, that anyone pledging $500 will get a bike. A hope, sure. An expectation, probably. But no guarantee, as they are not buying it.

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