Fitbit chosen for US health study

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The Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) runs part of the All of Us project and it selected Fitbit products for the program after reviewing the wearables market and, importantly, the biomedical research field. A recent study found that Fitbit products were the most-used wearables in biomedical research, accounting for 89 percent of published work featuring wearables, 83 percent of clinical trials that used them and 95 percent of NIH-funded research utilizing wearable technology. They’ve been used in over 470 published studies so far. “The Fitbit devices selected track a combination of physical activity, sleep, and heart rate parameters,” Eric Topol, Founder and Director of STSI, said in a statement. “The popularity of Fitbit devices among millions of Americans, combined with their ease of use, including multi-day battery life and broad compatibility with smartphones, made Fitbit a natural choice for this pilot program.” More at Engadget.

I have said it many times- Apple could be much more ambitious and all-encompassing in this area. It has the hardware, but the software is far too conservative. It feels to me that Apple has the hardware sorted and the software is of very good quality, but that Fitbit has greater coverage in the things people want to track such as calories and weight management.

It could well be that this is Windows vs Mac all over again and that watchOS will eventually become better, just like macOS is, but retain a smaller market share.

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3 replies

  1. Huh, is Apple really lagging in the # of things its recording? Based on all the guesses Apple Health was willing to make about my activity (or lack thereof 😉 just on the phone and its motion sensing w/o watch, I’m surprised to hear that.

    Anyway, I feel like Fitbit might be a strong candidate because it’s cheaper and the hardware is more focused.

  2. Not to mention battery life.

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