The attack of the SuperFakes


“Once you see a good fake it’s actually scary to think about how many people are walking around with a fake watch that they think is real and they will sell or pass down to someone thinking it’s real,” he said.

Fake watches have always plagued the horological arts. But these fakes – created so that they can sell for a maximum price to unsuspecting buyers – are getting better and better. In fact, the Movado Dakin bought seven years ago was probably far from the best available fake on the market… More here.

This is tricky and views vary wildly in regards to fake watches. The arguments are plentiful-

Some real watches are needlessly expensive.

A fake watch does the same job and will impress people just the same.

I can save £1,000’s on a fake that looks identical.

For me, I would rather buy a reasonably priced very good quality watch such as a Seiko, Oris or Longines than a Rolex or a Tag (never a Tag).

I would, however, never buy a fake for so many reasons. The main one being that I wear a watch for me and I want a real watch, even if that is a £200 Seiko, rather than a pretend lump of metal from China. Where is the enjoyment in that?

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