Can you hear this silent gif bouncing?


Synesthesia is likely what’s happening with the “noisy GIF” phenomenon, which Fassnidge’s lab calls the “visually-evoked auditory response,” or vEAR for short. (His lab is running a survey on vEAR, if you’d like to take part.) More at The Verge.

I can sort of feel it, if that makes sense. How about you?

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4 replies

  1. I can easily imagine the sound of it but I’m not sure it rises to full-on Synesthesia.
    A deep thud as the thing lands and the camera shakes, right?
    (I could also imagine the sprightly boing! with each jump)

  2. The sound of one hand clapping?

  3. Very strange and cool. I get a sensation of a very soft hiss that rises and falls with the motion when I’m looking at the gif. When I look away, there’s just the normal soft background hiss that I always have and therefore ignore.

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