How to Ditch Apple Completely


I’ve seen lots of articles that describe how to move from Windows to Mac or Android to iPhone. Since they are usually not directly dependant or interconnected, it’s usually straightforward. Going the other way is not. Apple has interconnected everything so if you have a Mac and an iPhone you’re also using iCloud. That’s why we talk about the Apple Ecosystem.

Now I’m not suggesting that anyone actually switch. And I’m certainly not switching for the foreseeable future, but it’s nice to have a guide to do that switching. As this guide shows, it’s not simple. It may make you think twice before switching. At a minimum, it’s a good indicator of how tied to the Apple Ecosystem some of us are.


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  1. Honestly, as mediocre as iTunes is, I’ve never been convinced there’s a half way decent replacement for managing my MP3, and preserving the star rating based playlist system I rely on

  2. But does iTunes tie you to Apple? iTunes is available for Windows and maybe there’s something better there. Mind you, as long as you’re with Apple, iTunes seems to be it. Certainly if you want to purchase anything from Apple.

    • To iPhone, at least. At least my music is stored in easily backup-apple independent files… When I switch computers I do that massive old school “dump the library.xml and import” As long as Apple only flirts with ditching star ratings I’ll probably stay the course, because I’m too lazy to learn if another playback system could set up a “give me automagically updated playlists of >= 3, 4, or 5 star ratings, sorted by reverse date added”

      I used to prefer downloading mp3s from amazon, in part because they were plain mp3s, but once apple dropped DRM — I like supporting Apple more than Amazon, since Apple seems less hellbent and crushing other businesses and growing marketshare at the cost of always just breaking even, profit wise. (Not that my $20-$30 USD per month purchases are going to make or break anything)

  3. I too am married to iTunes for lack of a better alternative. (Any suggestions welcomed). There are even third party programs (for Windows at least) that will sync your playlist to other devices than Apple products. Did this all the time with my work Blackberry.

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