A Concise History Of The Smartwatch

The watches that had caught my attention were a Seiko wrist computer called MessageWatch and a prototype of a phone watch developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. in Japan that would ultimately be called Wristomo. “The ‘new quartz’ trend hasn’t gotten a lot of attention,” I wrote. “But the hunch here is that the new technology is an important, if under-reported story. My guess is that it marks the beginning of the fourth major market shift of the quartz era. Each of the first three was a major revolution which dramatically altered the watch market. Whether the new-technology trend develops into the fourth revolution is impossible to know, but it could.” More at Hodinkee.

Not the newest of articles, but some fascinating devices included.

One thought on “A Concise History Of The Smartwatch

  1. Interesting article!
    Whoa, so other people managed to do the cellphone-on-wrist thing? But do yourself a favor and image google search on SPH-WP10

    Also as one commenter on the page pointed out they left out the Fossil / Palm Wrist PDA…

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