A Concise History Of The Smartwatch

The watches that had caught my attention were a Seiko wrist computer called MessageWatch and a prototype of a phone watch developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. in Japan that would ultimately be called Wristomo. “The ‘new quartz’ trend hasn’t gotten a lot of attention,” I wrote. “But the hunch here is that the new technology is an important, if under-reported story. My guess is that it marks the beginning of the fourth major market shift of the quartz era. Each of the first three was a major revolution which dramatically altered the watch market. Whether the new-technology trend develops into the fourth revolution is impossible to know, but it could.” More at Hodinkee.

Not the newest of articles, but some fascinating devices included.

Categories: Wareable, Watches

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  1. Interesting article!
    Whoa, so other people managed to do the cellphone-on-wrist thing? But do yourself a favor and image google search on SPH-WP10

    Also as one commenter on the page pointed out they left out the Fossil / Palm Wrist PDA…

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