A little song and dance for every feature

Brilliant. You probably found that which every watch collector seeks (then some try finding again and again, heh). Funny how it has relegated the 2 Swiss. I have the Hydroconquest and lume is definitely not a box which that watch ticks. I posted mine in a ‘Show us your watches with useless lume’ thread recently.

You made me think of how a couple of Swiss companies make a song and dance when their quartz’s achieve high accuracy, too. Certina gets some of their DS quartz’s COSC certified as quartz chronometers (quite a rare thing) and Longines has a new Conquest range branded Conquest V.H.P., which I think stands for ‘very high precision’. I could be wrong here but I don’t know of Longines selling any COSC chronometers, I think it’s part of their whole shtick that ‘they are a trustworthy company with a history and provenance in timekeeping excellence, bla bla. My Hydroconquest is super-accurate for an automatic.

Point being they both make a little song and dance when your Citizen just quietly achieves what it achieves. Can’t blame them for trying to drum up sales, I suppose but it was interesting to read about the accuracy of your watch.



The above response was added to my quick article over at WatchUSeek in which I lauded the Citizen BN0100-51E which continues to surprise me on a daily basis. It got me thinking, yet again, about the pricing of watches throughout the industry and how much of it really is fluff and marketing.

Taken to the extreme, a simple Timex watch does 98% of what any other watch does. It will be highly accurate, touch enough to withstand daily life and attractive enough to not look out of place with any outfit. It will even light up at night if need be and so you have a perfect time experience 24 hours a day.

Outside of this, however, we have to recognise that the watch industry is not about accuracy and price. It is about fashion, luxury, jewellery and so many other emotional aspects that sit aside from the simple process of telling the time. For many, watch nerds in particular, it is about the less accurate mechanical movements and showing others what you are wearing. It’s about the history of a brand and in many cases the individual watch itself. The more you think about watches and the myriad of features, the less you think about accuracy.

But this Citizen watch, for me, goes way beyond simply being a very accurate watch that looks and feels good. Citizen is not even a brand that I take note of normally, but this piece has grabbed me in such a way that it’s on my wrist 24/7. It makes no sense to me let alone anyone else, but it really does make me question the value of more expensive watches, and of course the hobby itself.

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