An iPod time capsule

Great piece on tech nostalgia, a guy powers up his original 2002 iPod, old songs and playlists intact.

Only the final third is about the hardware itself, as classic and still functional (modulo the battery life) as it is; the rest is a nostalgic exploration of the author’s digital musical life of the era, and the idiosyncrasies he had in categorizing songs and arranging playlists.

There are some old digital “snapshots” I treasure, like a folder with all the files stuffed on my Windows Desktop directory – one of those things I kept meaning to get back to, to curate out “the good stuff”, but now holds holistic value as a slice of my old digital life. Similar for old screengrabs I have, or just photos with the monitor visible… the ones that inadvertently show what all I was up to those days are much more interesting than ones that just show an app. (The same phenomenon happens for old photos – ones where my old book stacks – or even just clutter – are intriguing no matter what the subject of the photo is supposed to be.)

Do you share in this kind of object nostalgia, digital or otherwise?


Categories: Apple, Music

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  1. I still have my first Palm and it still works although it won’t hold a charge for very long. I have a book on dinosaurs from when I was 5 or 6. It’s funny now. One thing I don’t have, and I don’t know where or how I lost it was the folder with all my DungeonMaster maps and notes. Hand drawn on graph paper in 1987. Strange because I still have my maps from Mystery Mansion, a text adventure I played around 1980.

    • Sometimes I stumble on an old webforum or Usenet post I have no recollection making. It’s rare that I find one where I actively disagree with my past self, but sometimes the disconnect is jarring.

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